Astro ES

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Technical Informations

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 650 mm
Depth: 742 mm
Weight: 170 kg (ca. )
Power: 230 V
Power absorbed: 2400 W (maximal)
Choices/Selections: up to 20 (with 3 pre choices for sugar)
Payment Systems: MDB/BDV/EXE
Cup capacity: 650
Specials: Cup detection, LCD-Display

All machines are complete refurbished. That means, all wearing parts, like seals, O-rings, tubes, valves, etc. are replaced by new ones. The machines will be delivered with new lack (RAL 9006 or RAL 9005) and without payment-systems. Special Colors are possible all time for extra charge.

Used and non-refurbished machines are deliverable on request and on availability.

For prices and offers please call or email us. Thank you.

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